Mt. William Trig Walk, Bombay, Auckland


Location: End of Puketutu Road, Bombay, Auckland

Parking: Yes

Toilets: No

Dogs: No.

Shoes: I wore my sneakers, however it was raining and they were soaked right through within a few minutes due to walking on grass. If the weather is wet or has been raining, waterproof boots would be preferable.

Date Walked: 15 January 2017

Weather Conditions: Rain, Overcast, Windy

Distance: 2.3 km one way to trig, 4.6km return

Time Required: Approx 2 hours, including a stop at the trig station for some pictures

Final Rating: ★★★★☆


I started the walk at Puketutu Rd entrance, however according to the DOC website, you can also start at McMillan Road. Follow Puketutu Rd right to the end, and there is a cul-de-sac, with road side parking.


I took one 600 ml water bottle, my camera and my rain jacket. Rain jacket was defiantly needed as it was overcast when we set out and started to pour once we were walking.


The walk starts by going up and over a style from the road, into a field. From there, you walk up through the paddock and over another style which leads you to another style it’s all up hill from there. Following the fence line up and over multiple styles, and finally to the bottom of the (steep) hill up to Mt. William. I would say a very reasonable level of fitness is required to get up this (almost vertical in some parts) hill or shall we say mountain!!

View of Mt. William trig up on the hill

The day i did this walk it was very, very windy, leading to quite a scary time up on the trig station. Unfortunately for me it was also raining, so I wasn’t able to see far to take in the views, but it was still an excellent walk and I look forward to doing it again on a not so wet, not so windy day!


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