Lion Rock, Piha, Auckland


Location: Piha Beach, Piha, Auckland

Parking: Yes, there is plenty of off street parking around Piha. We parked in the Piha Domain and there was plenty of space.

Toilets: Yes / No, there was no toilets near our car, however there are public toilets all over Piha and nearer the beach.

Dogs: No

Shoes: I wore my hiking boots, others were wearing sneakers or bare feet but the rocks are very sharp in some places

Date Walked: 28 January 2017

Weather Conditions: Hot, Sunny

Distance: Unsure of exact distance, however the climb itself would be less than 1 km

Time Required: 30 minutes however this depends on how much time you would like to spend admiring the views

Final Rating: ★★★★★


Head towards Piha, once in Piha you can park wherever you like and make your way to the beach. Lion Rock is the rock just off the shore. Refer to the map above to give you an idea of where Lion Rock is located.


Because we were headed out for a days walk, I had one 1.5 L water bottle, a few snacks and my camera. No rain jacket was needed as the weather was beautiful.


We set off from Piha Domain, where we parked the car and put on our boots to begin the climb. The walk started by crossing over Piha Stream bridge, and following the board walk to the beach.


At the end of the board walk, the beach emerged and a few ‘what were we thinking??’ ‘s were shared. But on we went, up towards the beach.


Walking over the hot sand, we found ourselves at the bottom of Lion Rock. Let me say, these photos don’t do it justice as to how large it is!


At the base of the rock there is a small plaque describing the history behind Lion Rock, and then the climb begins. Although the climb is very sudden and steep, it’s not too hard. There is a hand rail which helps you on the way up, and much more so on the way back down. And when you get out of breath, there’s always the ‘Just taking in the scenery’ excuse!


At the top – which I might add isn’t actually the top, (you’re not allowed any further due to unstable ground and falling rocks) there is a nice seat made from rocks and a lovely view of the ocean. Perfect place for a few photos before starting the descent.


From there, it is all down hill. I have to say, going down may be harder than going up! The steps are quite narrow, however, everyone else using the track was very courteous at giving way.


Overall, this is a great short walk if you are in the Piha area. It only takes around 30 minutes including site seeing both ways and you get a beautiful view of the ocean and beach which makes it all worth wile.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Nice review we must do this at some point !

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