Product Review: Scarpa Terra GTX Womens

I didn’t want to post this review too soon, as I wanted it to be as accurate as possible. I don’t believe you can get a good enough gauge of how a pair of shoes are going to be within the first wear. I have included my experiences from multiple walks below, as even walking on different surfaces can make all the difference.

Quick Overview

Brand: Scarpa

Price: $379.99 or $341.99 Macpac Club Price

Size Purchased: EU 39

True to Size: Yes / No – I usually wear an EU 37 or 38, however the size allows for thick socks

Colour: Brown Leather

Best Use: Hiking

Final Rating: ★★★★★


First Use Review:

22/01/17: I first my new hiking boots on the Waitakere Dam walk. Paired with my Kathmandu Outdoor Thermal Socks, these are some of the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. The Goretex lining means that you will never need to worry about getting wet feet. In some places of the Waitakere Dam walk, the mud was up and over my toe and into the laces. The soles made for excellent traction, even on some very slippery stairs and muddy walk ways. They are very light on your feet, and I didn’t even get blisters! Once I got home, i simply wiped them down with a damp cloth and they looked brand new again. So far, i would recommend that these are well worth the money you pay for them. They are high quality, comfortable hiking boots that you could walk for hours on end in.

One Month Review:

29/01/17: Yesterday I wore these boots on my Lion Rock, Kitekite Falls and Upper Nihotupu Dam walks. There waterproof qualities really came in handy on a few of the water crossings we had to do. While others where concerned about getting their shoes wet, I was able to walk straight through the water without any concern. As soon as I was out of the water, they dried off almost instantly and my feet were still perfectly dry. The only time my feet began to hurt was on our last walk of the day, at the Nihotupu Dam, where we were walking along a service road. The hard road was a different type of impact on my already tired feet, however once we were back into the bush the pain subsided.

31/01/17: Yesterday I wore these on my Upper Mangatwahiri, Ernies Track walk. They are very comfortable. One issue I had was while doing a shallow river crossing, as these boots only come just up my ankle I had water flowing in over the top. Meanwhile, Daniels boots were completely dry because his ones come a bit further up the leg. (Scarpa Mens Boots) However, i cannot criticize the boots much as they did dry out very quickly, and now I have added a pair of Gaiters to my shopping list!! After the 4.5 hours, my feet were tired, and sore. Although my feet were sore, I did not have any blisters, and I’m sure I was a lot better off if I had been wearing sneakers! I have found that these shoes preform really well and are extremely comfortable during bush / uneven surfaces walking. While walking on gravel / roads, I find the soles to be not as comfortable, and would prefer my sneakers.

Next stop for these boots is the Tongaririo Crossing, so I will check in after that!

06/02/17: Yesterday I wore these boots on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. They really came into their own on the uneven mountain surfaces. At the beginning of the walk, the track was made of large rough pieces of volcanic rock. A countless number of times, I stubbed my toes into these rocks, and this is where I was most thankful to be wearing the boots. I could not feel a thing. Up the devils staircase, these also preformed extremely well, however they do make your legs a little heavier to lift. After we had conquered the devils staircase, it was off up the mountain side to the red crater. Again, here they showed what they are best used for as up the slippery mountain side I had plenty of traction. Down the gravel slide at the other end, I was able to dig my toes into the loose stones while others in sneakers where finding it hard to slide down. Past the blue lake, on the return to the car park the path turned from natural volcanic materials to a man made DOC track. Here, I could feel a pain in the ball of my right foot start to begin. Just the same as what I have mentioned above, these are not the most comfortable on man made surfaces. Unfortunately for me, there was two more hours of this hard track before I was able to take my boots off at the end. Luckily, the pain subsided immediately after removing the boots. All in all, I would still highly recommend these boots for hiking. If you are going on a walk with a man made trail or gravel road, I would say these can become a bit hard and uncomfortable. I am now thinking of purchasing some gel insoles to see if this helps with my issue on hard surfaces – or maybe I just need to go on some more rugged walks!!


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