Mt. Ruapehu Scenic Chairlift Ride, Tongariro National Park

Although I would not class this as a walk, I would say if you’re in the area this is a must do during the summer months. Always make sure you check the website before you head off, as the chairlifts may be closed due to bad weather.

To get to these chair lifts, you will need to go up the Whakapapa Village side of the mountain. Continue right up Bruce Road where you will end up at the car-park. Once there, there is a stall where you can purchase your ticket.

Jump on the first chairlift, and you will be on your way up the mountain! You will need to be wearing some warm clothing, even on a sunny day.


The views going up the mountain are just beautiful! Especially on a lovely clear sunny day like we had, in January.

View of Mt. Ngauruhoe, and Mt. Tongariro behind


5 or so minutes later, you reach the half way mark where you get off the first chairlift and onto the second. It is a short walk, with more beautiful views of the mountains.


Onto the next chairlift, there is a beautiful waterfall just off to the right.

The second chairlift is a lot steeper, and shortly after you have arrived at the top! The views from up there are just stunning. There is a cafe that does lovely well priced food, which I would recommend to all.


And there was even a little bit of snow (or ice) on the ground!


Views from the cafe


You are able to spend as much time up the top as you like. Here are some more pictures from the way down.



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    That looks like so much fun!

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