Alexandra Redoubt, Tuakau


Location: End of Alexandra Redoubt Road, Tuakau

Parking: At the end of the road

Toilets: No

Dogs: Yes, I took my dog and just kept her on her lead but there were other people there with their dogs off the lead running around.

Shoes: I had my normal walking shoes on however it was a bit soggy in patches due to some recent rain.

Date Walked: 05.08.2017

Weather Conditions: Warm sunny morning, had been raining days before

Distance: 1.8km

Time Required: Track signage recommend around 45 minutes, however its probably more like 20 – 25 minutes depending on speed

Final Rating: ★★★★☆


From Tuakau, head up Alexandra Redoubt Road, past the cemetery all the way to the end there is a bit of room to park at the end. It is usually never too busy. The walking track is on the left in the bush with a sign. There is some great history at the cemetery as well.


I did not need a backpack as this is only a short walk.


The walk starts from either the end of the road or the cemetery, as it is a loop we chose to start at the end of the road and end up in the cemetry.

There is a sign and a map of the walk, from there continue through the bush. The beginning of the track is very well maintained gravel. A bit further in the track turns to a hard mud / bush floor however as it had been raining it was a big soggy. The walk is a nice gentle bush walk.

Continuing through the bush there is a small boardwalk over a wet stream, then the track turns back into nice gravel. I think they’ve been working on the track from each end and its just the middle part that needs a bit of work. See below was the worst part, but it was easy enough to dodge.

Up a short incline there is a small set of stairs, where you can see through the bush to the Waikato River. Up the stairs is the end of the walk that comes out through the cemetery.


Cemetery entrance of the walk / where our walk finished.


Overall, I liked this short walk. I like that it is a loop, so you don’t need to back track. If you live around Tuakau it would be a nice regular walk and something a bit different from walking on the streets.



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