Manukau Heads Lighthouse


Location: Manukau Heads, end of Lighthouse Road. See map below

Parking: Parking at the bottom of the track, however can get quite busy. Note that the gate is open from 9am to 5pm

Toilets: Yes (long-drop)

Dogs: No

Shoes: Normal sneakers / any shoe you’re comfortable in

Date Walked: 07.01.2018

Weather Conditions: Overcast, windy

Distance: 1km max

Time Required: 5 minute walk up to the lighthouse, then you can sight see from the top, so probably around 30 minutes in total

Final Rating: ★★★★☆


It is quite a long drive to this lighthouse, and the road is not the nicest (quite windy and narrow). From Waiuku, the lighthouse is another 39.2km.


I didn’t take my backpack, but I had a bottle of water in the car. there are no shops out here, so I would suggest taking food and water if you plan to be there for any amount of time.


This is only a short walk, up 120 easy to climb stairs to the top of the viewing point. I do wish there were a few other walks around the area, as it is quite a long journey. The path is gravel, and I don’t think it would get muddy in the winter so would be a nice all year round walk.


Photos at the top of the lighthouse are worth it 🙂 Would recommend for a nice day out. Up the top, there are some information boards about the Lighthouse which are interesting to read.


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