Trying Something New – Mountain Biking!

When my brother, his girlfriend and I were at the Waiuku Forest, we began thinking how fun it would be and how much distance you could cover on a bike. As we were walking we could see some tracks off the main gravel road through the forest, and we got pretty excited at the idea.

Over the years, as I’ve been walking these tracks I’ve noticed a lot of people on bikes. I would see them pass me on the way there and then pass me again on the way back before I’d even made it part of the way. I thought it would be a great way to see more, and cover more distance. Upon a bit of research, I found that Auckland and the surrounding areas have quite a bit to offer in the form of Mountain Bike tracks, and some walking tracks that are bike friendly. I found this TrailForks website, which shows tracks near me and I was amazed.

As I have done lots more walking recently to write this blog, I found myself running out of local areas to walk and having to travel further to do different walks.

So, last Sunday we all went down to the local bike shop and had a look around at the bikes. We came home excited and thought about what we should do / if its worth getting a bike. We decided just to go for it, theres so many cool tracks around and it’ll be a new skill to learn.

The bikes are currently on order, and in the meantime I have put together a list of rides I want to do before the end of the year. As I do each I will do a write up as I would with the walks.

Harker Reserve – I have walked this before, and I think it would make an awesome bike ride.

Waiuku Forest – again, I have walked a small part of the forest, however looking online at the map there is so much more to explore.

Puni Mountain Bike Track – I have been here before, and it looks more like a skills course than a long bike ride. Which would come in handy, as I haven’t been on a bike for quite some time!!

Turangi – I have also walked this track before. It is a beautiful track, and would be lots of fun on the bike!

The following tracks I have never been to, so it will be interesting to go out and explore.

  • Maraetai
  • Totra Park (Manukau)
  • Hunua
  • Runway Mountain Bike Park (by airport)
  • Sanders Reserve
  • Woodhill
  • Waiheke Island Trail
  • Redwoods (Rotorua)
  • Te Aroha Mountain Bike Trail
  • Whangamata Ridges Mountain Bike Park
  • Moanataiari Mountain Bike Trails (Thames)
  • Huka Trails (Near Huka Falls)
  • Wairakei Forest (Taupo)
  • Great Lake Trail (Taupo)
  • Ohakune old coach road 

I am looking forward to being able to cross some if not all of the above off my list in 2018

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Welcome to the world of MTB Rachel! you are right, there’s lots of trails around auckland. Once you get bitten by the bug, there’s some epic trails in NZ.. Timber trail, heaphy track, old ghost road… It’s just keeps getting better 🙂


    1. Rachel Smith says:

      So excited for them to arrive this week! I haven’t seen the ones you’ve listed so I’ll be sure to research them , thanks for the recommendations! 🙂


  2. Ellustar says:

    Reblogged this on SEO.


  3. GlacierLife says:

    Keep on getting after it! Looking forward to seeing your progress throughout the year!


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