Te Ara O Whangamaire, Patumahoe


Location: Clive Howe Bush Reserve, Patumahoe

Parking: Lots of parking at the rugby fields, then its just a short walk down to the first turn of Clive Howe Road. There is a sign that I have below you need to look out for.

Toilets: Not at the

Dogs: Yes, through the first part of the bush. No, through the farmland.

Shoes: Normal walking shoes if it has been dry, I would recommend boots if it has been raining.

Date Walked: 12.11.2017

Weather Conditions: Sunny / Hot

Distance: As we had dogs, we couldn’t go the full walk onto the farm, after the bush we took a stroll through Patumahoe to get a bit of extra distance. This walk is probably not long enough to justify driving to it from any further than Pukekohe or similar distance.

Time Required: 15 minutes max

Final Rating: ★★★☆☆ – only because, I found it wasn’t a long enough walk to justify the drive as we had the dogs which meant part of the walk we couldn’t do. Best for Patumahoe locals, or walkers without dogs.


Head into Patumahoe and take a right onto Clive Howe Road. Park at the rugby fields and take a short walk down Clive Howe Road to the corner.



1.5L Water bottle, however I could have probably left this in the car as the walk without going onto the farm is quite short.


Head down Clive Howe Road, until you see the below sign. You can also see on the sign the potential farm walk that we didn’t do, this creates a loop if you walk back up the road on the way back.


Once you get to the sign, head left and down the weaving path down the hill. There is a nice seat at ‘Puffs Hill’ which we found out on the way back up was the correct name! Its quite steep! There are really nice views out over the farmland from the top.


Once you get further down to the bottom it is a typical bush walk, a few fallen trees to climb over and a couple of streams to jump over. Quite muddy in patches as shown, even though it had been quite dry the days before I did this walk.


About 10 minutes later, you emerge from the bush to a style that takes you over to the farm. This is where the no dog access begins, and it was a bit muddy from the looks of it at the time we went.


This is a one way track if you don’t continue on to do the farm, so we headed back up ‘Puffs Hill’ and back along the road to the car. We then went for a bit of a walk into Patumahoe village where there are a few nice cafes and another sports field that you could walk around.


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