First Bike Ride: Waiuku Forest – Southern Entrance, Otaua

For our first bike ride, we headed into the Waiuku Forest Southern entrance (the entrance off Ghezzie road). Note that this entrance is not a sealed road, and the gravel track can be quite bumpy.

We found a spot to park up and offload the bikes, and headed through the gate onto the track. We didn’t follow any particular named track, and ended up just doing a big loop through the forest and eventually back up the main road.

Today’s ride was all about getting used to the bike and getting my riding confidence back up. Thinking back I probably haven’t been on a bike for around 5 years, but I quickly got into it and worked my way through the gears. Soon enough we came to our first hill and I dropped the gears down and felt the burn in my legs, such a different experience to my usual walking.

We checked out a few of the trails off the main track and agreed that we should leave those until our biking fitness was a little higher, and keep it relatively easy for our first ride. Although i can walk for kilometres on end, biking is a whole other ball game. I did expect this, but was surprised by how weak my thighs felt going up the hills. I did love how at the end I didn’t have sore feet, and just sore legs which was a nice change and felt I had a good workout.

In my backpack I had a 1.2L bottle, sunscreen and a few snacks. I managed to drink the whole 1.2L during our bike ride as it was super hot today.

In total we did 10km and we felt this was a good distance for the first ride. It took us a little longer than it should have, as we were looking out for other tracks to return to in future but we weren’t in any rush. It’s so peaceful being in the forest with no noise around riding the bike.

A few of the tracks we saw off the side of the trail were rather sandy which isn’t ideal, but there were also lots of good pine covered tracks which were really nice to bike on.

Overall, I had amazing fun today and can not wait to go out again. Hoping to do Harker Reserve on the bike soon, and it’ll be interesting to compare this track for walking vs. biking!

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