Bike Ride: Harker Reserve, Onewhero, Auckland


I have covered off most information on getting to Harker Reserve in my original walk blog, you can read about it here.

Date: 24.01.2018

Weather Conditions: Very hot!

Distance: 4.72km from carpark to waterfall & back.

Time Required: It took my brother and I 43 minutes there and back – we got some good speed going downhill, but you could probably do it faster if you can ride your bike up a hill… 🙂

Final Rating: ★★★☆☆


Getting to this walk is easy, coming from Pukekohe or the Bombay off ramp, head towards Tuakau. Pass over the Tuakau bridge and take the second road on your right up towards Onewhero. The car park is clearly visible on your right about 5 or so minutes up the road.



Sunblock and my 1.2L EcoTanker drink bottle. I prefer to carry less when I am riding my bike as I don’t like the weight on my back.


All I can say is wow – this was a hard one for me! When I did this walk last January, I felt it was pretty easy, nothing strenuous. But that all changed riding the bike, it made me realise this was a whole other level of fitness!

The track is a mix of loose gravel, clay, slippery leaves and a bit of mud. The hills were killer on the bike, but the one or two downhill sections were lots of fun. I think I may leave this track until I get a bit fitter on the bike.

This would be a great track to return to after biking for some time and see how much further I can get.


Just as a side note, you can also get to this waterfall via road.

From Onewhero-Tuakau Bridge Road, turn right down Kaipo Flats Road. Continue along Kaipo Flats Road and turn right down Miller Road. Keep going down the gravel road until you get to a right hand bend. The falls are just in front of you and there is a sign. I have dropped a pin on the below map.



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