Bike Ride: Totara Park, Manukau, Auckland


Location: Redoubt Rd, The Gardens, Auckland 2016

Parking: Loads of parking in the carpark.

Toilets: No

Dogs: Yes, dogs are allowed in the park however wouldn’t recommend for the mountain bike trail as it is rather narrow.

Date: 27.01.2018

Weather Conditions: Very hot – around 30 degrees most of the day

Distance: 13.10km in total for us, we did the ‘Short Loop’ twice and the ‘Long Loop’ once including a few of the extra add on parts.


Time Required: We spent 4 hours here, including breaks. Great place to go for a quick ride, or spend the whole day.

Final Rating: ★★★★★



I had my 1.2l bottle of water, sunblock and hand sanitiser. I could have done with twice the amount of water, as it was such a hot day. Once you’re out on the trail you’re quite far away from the carpark so I would recommend coming here prepared.


The ride begins at the carpark, go through the bike gate and you will see the sign for the mountain bike track. The first part is called ‘Fat Mans Revenge’ and I understood why at the end of the ride! Its a long sweeping decent and ascent up the hill on the way in & out.

The sign is great, showing all of the track options. Since we hadn’t been here before it was great to see all of the tracks and to get an idea of which ones we’d like to do.


Once you are down at the ‘HUB’, there are some tables with seats and bike racks. There is a kids track and a small pump track. I thought this was really cool, and did the kids track to see what it was like. It took around 1 minute 30 seconds to go around, but was great to get your confidence up before heading onto the main track.

Both the ‘Short Loop’ and ‘Long Loop’ were great, with heaps of variety in the track. Through fields, through bush, over tree roots, tight corners, over bridges, up hills, down hills – really awesome!

I couldn’t get many pictures as I was riding the bike, but I managed to get the below. Overall I would encourage anyone to go and check this track out if you haven’t all ready, I had heaps of fun and will certainly be returning!


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