Bike Ride: Waiuku Forest, Wilson Road Entrance, Otaua


Location: End of Wilson Rd S, Otaua 2682. Please note that this entrance is sealed apart from a very short gravel road. The other entrance is not sealed at all.

Parking: Yes, heaps of parking at the end of the road

Toilets: No

Dogs: Yes

Date: 29.01.2018

Weather Conditions: Very hot, around 28 degrees.

Distance: We rode 9.68km however there are other roads / tracks you can go down to make it longer.

Time Required: We spent just over an hour and a half there, however you could spend the majority of the day depending on what track you choose or if you want to swim at the beach.

Final Rating: ★★★★★


From Pukekohe, head towards Waiuku and take the turn off towards Aka Aka follow the road to the intersection to turn left onto Hoods Landing Road. Then turn right onto Forestry Road – there is no sign on the sign post. Continue up Forestry Road until you get to a fork in the road, and turn to Wilson Road. Follow the road right up to the end and you will arrive at the carpark. Probably best to use Google Maps or similar to ensure you don’t miss any turn offs.


I had my 1.2l bottle, sunblock and hand sanitiser. We were not planning on being out for long, however it would make a lovely place for a picnic and a swim at the beach.


Again, as I was riding the bike it was quite difficult to get good pictures but I feel the below sums it up.

Starting at the carpark, there is a short ascent before a cruisey flat / downhill section. Then a short climb again before you come to a fork in the road, we chose to go right and were glad we did as this was a very long downhill section that may not have been too fun to go up. You will be able to see the layout of the forest in my map below. It is important to remember there are also loads of off road tracks you can choose to do. We just wanted to get a feel for the track and see the water so we stuck to the main road.


I loved this bike ride as there was a good mix of uphill and downhill. The map below shows the way we chose to go. It is like a grid you can see faintly through the trees.


The view at the water was beautiful! Next time it would be great to bring my togs and go for a quick dip.

After the water, there is another uphill section. It is quite gradual so nothing too strenuous but plenty of climbing to get my heart rate up!


This track is very different to Totara Park that we also completed this weekend. They are both great in there own way. Waiuku Forest is more of a site seeing ride, with rolling downhill parts and flat areas as well as some steeper bits. I would recommend giving this track a go if you’re in the area, the views are beautiful and it is very peaceful.


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