2018 Trek Skye SL WSD Review

Quick Overview

Brand: Trek

Price: RRP: $769 NZD

Size Purchased: 18.5″ Frame

True to Size: N/A

Colour: Black. Small pink highlights

First Use Rating: ★★★★★

First Use Review:

The first day I got my bike, I went for a quick ride around the streets near home. This involved all road riding, and a few very steep hills. The bike was comfortable on the road, and just as comfortable when I got home and rode over the grass.

The first proper outing for the bike was at the Waiuku Forest. The bike felt very at home on the gravel roads, and on the paths through the forest. The gears were smooth, and helped a lot going up the hills.

My brother purchased the Trek X-Caliber 8, I had a short go on and I must say the gears allowed for a slightly easier climb. The bike is also quite a bit lighter than my Trek Skye which can definitely be felt while riding.

Two negatives that I found during my first ride:

Seat comfort. I have done a bit of research that says the seat will break in, so I am just waiting for that to happen – hopefully sooner than later. As I had gone around the block the night before our first proper ride, it was a bit tender to get onto the seat. I did find that as our ride progressed, I noticed the pain started to die down and would only come back if I stood up and sat back on the seat again.

I also found that between my thumb and first finger became quite sore from the grips that came standard on this bike. Potentially due to the thickness. I will continue to use the grips and see if it’s just something I need to get used to, or if I need to get different grips / possibly a pair of gloves.

Overall, I am super happy with the bike. For the price I paid, I feel I got a really great quality bike and look forward to my next ride!

One Month Review:

24.01.2018: I had another opportunity to take my bike for a ride through Harker Reserve. As I mention in the blog post, I found the track overall quite challenging but the bike held up well. It was lots of fun going through the downhill sections of the track, so I look forward to doing more riding like this.

27.01.2018: Today I took the bike out to Totara Park. I was super impressed with how the bike handled the variety of movements this track threw at it. Uphill, downhill, around tight bends. It felt super sturdy and planted on the track.  The seat is defiantly wearing in, so no more sore bum for me which I am very happy about! The grips are also wearing in slightly. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to go and try on some gloves and my hands were a little sore at the end of the day.

29.01.2018: We hit the Waiuku Forest again today, and again the bike was in its element. Nothing bad to say, my hands weren’t sore although we weren’t out for as long. Nothing bad to say! Loving the bike, and looking forward to my next rides!

Six Month Review:

To be updated…

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