Bike Ride / Walk: Ambury Regional Park, Mangere Bridge, Auckland

Although I biked this track, this would also be a nice easy walking track.


Location: End of Ambury Rd, Mangere Bridge, Auckland 2022

Parking: Lots of parking at the end of Ambury road or there are multiple other carparks along the track accessible from other roads.

Toilets: Yes, at the main entrance

Dogs: No

Date: 06.02.18

Weather Conditions: Overcast with a few light showers, quite windy in the exposed parts along the water

Distance: 17.17km in total, however we did go the wrong way a few times and added the optional tracks around the Mangere Lagoon and over to Puketutu Island.


Time Required: We spent 1.5hrs here, but you could easily spend the whole day. There is a petting zoo and camp yard here too.

Final Rating: ★★★★☆



1.2L water bottle and sunblock. There are a number of benches you can stop at so would be a nice place to take some snacks and have a picnic.


Starting at the carpark, where there is a toilet and an information stall, go past the petting zoo. There are two gates that you need to open and shut before you get to the track.


At the first intersection, go left and this will take you down the ‘Watercare Costal Walkway’


The ride is all flat, and very easy. The track is made from loose gravel and follows the coastline. There is one main track, and then a number of additional / optional tracks to choose from. The track is very well signposted, with lots of copies of the map throughout the ride / walk.


We chose to go around the Mangere Lagoon, which was super pretty and a really nice ride under the shade of the trees.


At the end of the Mangere Lagoon loop, there is a small bridge over the water. Shortly after, you come to an intersection. Go straight ahead to head back to the carpark / start of the loop or take a left to continue onto the rest of the track.

Shortly after the intersection, there is a gate and a road crossing (not a busy road) and then a small area with seats which is pretty cool. There is another bridge and this takes you onto the other side of the water, so you’re not biking on the road.


About half way along this track you can choose to go left to continue along the ‘Watercare Costal Walkway’ or, like we did, continue straight to Puketutu Island. This was a nice easy ride. I am unsure where the rest of the original track takes you but it is all one way, so we decided to go out to the island and use that as our turnaround point.

From the below picture you can also see the other options for carparks.


From there, we headed back the same way we came. We went back around the Mangere Lagoon which is optional, as if you want to head straight back to the carpark you can go left at the intersection I mentioned above. This would probably half your return journey.

Overall, I would really recommend this bike ride as it was easy and had really nice views along the way. There were also lots of people out walking the track which is cool.

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