Bike Ride: Runway Mountain Bike Park, Auckland Airport


Location: End of Ansett Place, Auckland Airport

Parking: Yes, off of Ansett Place there is a gravel carpark

Toilets: No

Dogs: No

Date: 06.02.18

Weather Conditions: Hot, Sunny

Distance: I did 2.28km however didn’t complete all of the track options. I did the ‘Takeoff, First Class, Banyard Boogie and Final Approach’ tracks.


Time Required: I did the 2.28km in 15 minutes, but you could spend a lot longer here going around. As we had just come from Ambury Regional Park, we were a bit tired.

Final Rating: ★★★★☆


As I knew I would not be out here for long, I left my backpack in the car. The track never goes too far from the carpark so I wouldn’t say you need your backpack on you.


I really enjoyed this track, it is very different to Totara Park as the track is a bit faster, with tighter bends and quite a number of jump sections. The track is made from loose gravel which resulted in a few wheel slips but overall I really enjoyed it.


It was really cool how they incorporated the barn into one of the tracks, and id be keen to go back here and try out the other tracks here.


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