Bike Ride: Totara Park, Manukau Auckland


Location: Redoubt Rd, The Gardens, Auckland 2016

Parking: Loads of parking in the carpark.

Toilets: No

Dogs: Yes, dogs are allowed in the park however wouldn’t recommend for the mountain bike trail as it is rather narrow.

Date: 05.02.18

Weather Conditions: Nice blue sky but cooler, as we were there in the afternoon

Distance: 9.12km in total, including the ‘Short Loop’ and the ‘Gutsa Advanced Track’


Final Rating: ★★★★★


1.2L water bottle, sunblock


I have written about Totara Park previously, and I feel this may become our go-to Mountain Bike track.

This time we decided to warm up on the ‘Short Loop’ and then check out some of the other tracks on offer.

After completing the ‘Short Loop’ we got back to the hub and decided to give the Advanced Track ‘Gutsa’ a go. This was a really beautiful track with heaps of bridges and jumps, but it was indeed Advanced. It showed me what I had to work on, and my new goal is to be able to go around this track well with minimal stops.


After that, we decided to go back to a track thats not actually on the map. There is a sign that says DIC before the track, and it winds your way uphill, then a large downhill section including a jump which is really fun.

Its great that we will be able to come back here time again and always have new parts of the track to explore!



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